Friday, February 17, 2012

Now Serving HOT FOOD at Bingo!

We inaugurated our hot food service on 2/14/2012 in celebration of Valentine's Day. It was a big hit with our players.

Hot dogs were gone in no time and we went through six large pizzas. For next week, we'll have a bigger supply as we continue to learn how much our players are going to eat.

In the future, we'll be looking to add some additional items, or switch out some items, to keep offering "variety".

Many of our players come to bingo directly from work and they would like to be able to get something hot to eat for dinner. Granola bars and chips just don't get the job done. So, when our doors open at 5:00 p.m. our goal is to be ready to serve our early arrivals.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Great article in Morgan Hill Times

We are fortunate to have a front page article about our bingo game appear in the February 7, 2012 edition of the Morgan Hill Times. It's a great and very accurate article that describes our game very well. You can view the article by clicking here.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bingo is Already Growing.....

Tuesday Night Bingo at the CCC kicked off as scheduled on January 3, 2012 with 132 players. We just finished our fifth session and our first month on January 31, 2012 with 150 players.

We have absolutely the best venue around...the Hiram Morgan Hill room at the beautiful Morgan Hill Community & Cultural Center at 17000 Monterey Street (corner of Monterey and East Dunne Avenue).

Our doors open every Tuesday at 5:00p.m. and we start warm-up games around 5:30p.m. The regular bingo games begin at 6:30p.m. We play a large variety of both bingo and flash games with prizes up to $1199!

Unique to bingo in Morgan Hill and nearby are our Blue Dog electronic card minders. These fantastic wireless machines hold up to 72 electronic bingo cards and keep up with ALL of them for you. Players who try them, just love them. And, even using a Blue Dog, you always have some paper to play.

And, to make this the best possible experience for our players, both seasoned players and newcomers to bingo, we have teams of dedicated volunteers to work at each bingo session.

Food and drinks are available at our concession stand. We even have volunteers on the floor throughout the session to provide you with food and drink. You don't even have to get out of your chair!

Another great service we offer to our players is notification of our promotions and specials coming up at the next bingo session. Players (and you!) can sign up to receive our weekly text messages with these promotions and specials on their cell phones. Some specials and promotions are only available to those players who have received the notice. If you'd like to receive these notifications, just click on the icon below and sign up through a secure website. You can opt out at any time.

From time-to-time we'll publish how our bingo project is doing. It's being done with the help of many, many dedicated volunteers who are committed to supporting the Centennial Recreation Senior Center and our local seniors through Friends of the Morgan Hill Senior Center which is part of the Morgan Hill Community Foundation.